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Coming Attractions

Next Dinner Meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at Best Friends Restaurant at 6:00PM. The speakers are TBA. Your first meeting is free so come check us out! Then join as a member for all of the benefits.

July 18, 2017 will be our AREIA Fun Day at Grand River Cellars.

August 15, 2017 will be our annual summer picnic for members at Lake Shore Park.

Past Meetings:

AREIA Dinner Meeting April 18, 2017

The first speaker was Jeremiah Knowles of Knowles Pest Control. He feels he can keep his cost down because he is the one that does the work and if you call to ask questions or set up appointments, he is the one who answers the phone. He talked about many different pests, but concentrated on bed buds. He guarantees his work. Several of our members already use him and highly recommend him.

Dennis Carberry not only was our second speaker, but had been a President of AREIA and is currently a member. His knowledge of the business is amazing to all of us. He made it clear that this is a business and to treat it as a business. However it is good to work with people but not to be emotionally involved. He continued with many pointers as: Do not assume or be afraid to offer a low bid for a house. However it is only a good deal if it fits both the buyer and the seller. When someone wants to see the property, have them call you 15 minutes before the appointment so there is a better chance they will show. Networking with others especially our group is essential to learn more about investing in real estate as landlords. Dennis could have spoke longer with more of his stories that have happened to him and his wife Jill, but also more of his business dealings that have worked for him. We were all listening intently, so we would like him to share him wisdom with us again in the near future.

ARIEA Dinner Meeting February 21, 2017

Twenty-nine members enjoyed an excellent meal and networking Tuesday evening even though our scheduled speaker had a conflict with his schedule and could not make the meeting.

John Denison led an open forum for the last hour and a half. Some of the topics brought up were Bed Bugs, The Trump Effect, Fracking and Renter’s insurance. John asked the group what type of speakers they would like to see at future meeting. Suggested speakers are Jamari Knowles for Bed Bugs, Bret Cimmerell, the Fair Housing Lady from Chardon who is also a landlord, Inspectors, Judges who do evictions in Geneva or Ashtabula, Ashtabula Drug Task Force and Mike Lynne.

John spoke about the new regulations on septic systems for Lake County. A meeting was held at the Madison Library reviewing the new requirements on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:00 PM.

AREIA Dinner Meeting December 13, 2016

This was our annual Christmas party and we had two speakers from Ashtabula City, Kimberly Adams, Ashtabula Administrative Assistant and John Artuso, Ashtabula City Inspector, as well as Martin Hillyer, Currant AREIA Member and Landlord for 33 Years.

AREIA Dinner Meeting October 18, 2016

We had a good turnout of 35 people for our regular meeting of AREIA at Best Friends restaurant. As usual, good networking at dinner and some houses for sale. Our two speakers were interesting and informative. The Gazette speakers Becke & Bill went over some red flags for our ads to help us stay out of trouble. There are no educational pamplets for us, only for the tenants. David Gibb of Legally Mine went over Lawsuit Prevention & Tax Reduction. His account management company can help us with that.

John updated us on a fair housing case with one of our former members. We raised $40 for PACT (political action committee). We gave away tickets to the OREIA convention this Nov. 3-5 worth almost $300. The next meeting will be a week earlier, the second week of December.

AREIA Annual Picnic August 16, 2016

We had our annual picnic at Lake Shore Park. We had some new members, played cornhole, and had a picnic with 26 people. The sun came out in time for a beautiful sunset. This is an annual event.

AREIA Fun Day July 19, 2016

We had a get together at Grand River Cellars. This will be an annual event and membership is not required in order to attend.

AREIA Dinner Meeting June 21, 2016

What you missed: 29 attended including some new faces. The first speaker was James Timonere, Ashtabula City Manager. He has been in office since November and he feels they have made good changes by combining many departments and moving all of them together on one floor of the building. Our next speaker was Michael Lynn, our AREIA groups Real Estate attorney. Mike will answer questions for members free of charge, and can do our evictions. A very good meeting, they provided lots of valuable information.

AREIA Dinner Meeting April 19, 2016

What you didn’t miss: Khash Saghafi could not make the meeting due to unforeseen circumstance. Hopefully we’ll have him later in year.

What you did miss: A great open floor discussion. John Denison shared a Thank You Note for Judge Cicconetti and the answers to the questions he left with after the February meeting. John also shared the Pest Management document and our new business cards. Dan Sartor shared his experience with bed bugs and a previous renter, Dennis Carberry, one of our past presidents of 12 year, shared many humorous and not so humorous experiences. Clark Heath explained how Tammy (his daughter) and her husband Rich acquired their properties and how he himself became a property owner. Tammy then explained her experience with the Gas Company shutting off the gas to their multi–family unit in the middle of winter and how they resolved the issue.

All in all it was a fantastic meeting. Come to our June dinner meeting and experience another great speaker – Mike Linn. He is the attorney that works with our members along with a representative from the Gazette News Paper.

AREIA Dinner Meeting February 16, 2016

Twenty-eight members & non-members attended, enjoying a good dinner and an informative speaker, Lake County Judge Cicconetti.

Topics the judge touched on were Attorney Fees, reasonable late fees, evictions, Drugs – Heroin & Meth Labs, Shake & Bake (Mobile Meth Labs), Crime Free Leases & Mental Illness. Attendees kept the Judge hopping with many questions throughout his hour and 15 minute speaking engagement. We all left with a least one new item to incorporate into our lease or to put into practice. Thank you Judge Cicconetti! You never fail to present important information in an entertaining and humorous way.

John Denison wrapped up the meeting with information on the latest legislation from his teleconference, photo electric smokes and our website update.

Meetings have been happening bimonthly or monthly for many years before this as well. The AREIA Secretary maintains the minutes.

Regular Meetings:

Meetings are held every other month on the third Tuesday. Starting at 6:00 PM we have networking and dinner. The location is Best Friends Restaurant, just off of I-90 at 1741 State Route 534 S, Geneva OH 44041. Come support our group by ordering dinner off of the menu.

We have a speaker each meeting on a wide variety of topics. Past speakers have included attorneys/lawyers, judges, real estate agents, tax consultants, fair housing speakers, house inspectors, plumbers, insurance representatives, real estate investors, paint experts, lease option speakers, rent to own topics, land contract information, and anything to do with houses.

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